1. Shu Enomoto

Codornices Creek

June, 2023
From Codornices Park to University Village

          Codornices Creek flows down from Grizzly Peak Ridge to the San Francisco Bay through Berkeley Rose Garden, Live Oak Park, Saint Mary Magdalen Church, Saint Mary’s College High School, University Village, and Harrison Park. Thus, the creek creates space for people to gather.

          Throughout this soundwalk, it was easy to find out how quickly the usage of space has been changing along the creek. There are often spaces surrounded by trees along the creek, so that those trees can become a huge shield from the outside noises, and it makes the space kept quiet. However, at the places without trees, you can hear loud and heavy noises by human activities such as sounds of train, cars, and constructions. Those noises ruin the all natural sounds, and also, the creek often runs underground to priotize transportations at those places.

Strawberry Creek


June, 2023
From Botanical Garden to Strawberry Creek Park

          Strawberry Creek is historically and closely related to the UC Berkeley campus. There is a place, where the separated creeks meet on the campus, there is a high possibility of radiation wast went through the creek from the Radiation Lab during 1930s, and a research found out that there was a spike of ammonia and microbial contaminants during the half times of the football games. As a result, the creek had been convered up by concrete from the edge of the campus beacuse of the contaminated water and its bad smell. 

           I made this soundwalk chronologically, so that you can hear how the environment changes from the edge of the campus to downtown Berkeley and from the downtown to Strawberry Creek Park. Throughout this soundwalk, I realized that there is always peaceful space when the creek on the ground, but on the other hand, the space is likely to be gone when the creek runs underground. 

Source : https://www.foundsf.org/index.php?title=Strawberry_Creek