7. Jazmin Hernandez


For a week our sonic geographies class explored Codornices Creek and were able to appreciate it's waterfalls and creek pathways. On the first picture on the right hand side, is a creek we were able to find. You can also find this hidden waterfall at Codornices Park by following the path past the playground, going up one flight of concrete stairs then taking the first left wooden gate entrance to the creek. After a rainy season in the East Bay, the waterfalls were quite impressive. Through our sound recorders we were able to capture these trickling water noises as they came down the Berkeley hills. Several spaces of convening exist along the path of the creek. From the Berkeley Rose Garden to several public parks. A recurring theme that we encountered through all of our soundwalks, was the sound of families, children, and people enjoying the outdoors.

Codornices Park / Occupied Ohlone (Huichine Territory)