2. Isabella Abarno



The Strawberry Creek soundwalk investigates the sonic transition from the Berkeley Botanical Gardens to Strawberry Creek Park. The journey is constructued chronologically-- the sounds of brids and the creek are later met with the urban noises of downtown Shattuck. The final designation, Strawberry Creek Park, marks the daylightighting of the creek and the surrounding interactions of the Berkeley community. 
Restore Strawberry Creek, a collective, has presented a plan to unveil Strawberry Creek from its subterranean culverts in Civic Center. The proposed project involves transforming a section of the 2.7-acre park's north side, approximately half an acre in size, into a meandering natural waterway by bringing the creek back to the surface. By implementing this initiative, several advantages can be gained, including enhanced biodiversity, habitat restoration, and the ability to mitigate the effects of climate change in urban areas. To find out more information on how to support the daylight project, contact “Restore Strawberry Creek”

Kwok, Iris. “Surfacing Strawberry Creek in downtwon Berkeley would fulfill decades-long dream.” Berkeleyside. 2023

Codornices Creek




“Listening is never static, cannot be held on to, and in fact needs to be found again and again. As such, it is disruptive in its nature. Paradoxically, while a grounded and calm state of mind, a sense of safety, peace and relaxation are essential for inspiring perceptual wakefulness and a willingness and desire to open our ears, normal routines, habits and patterns will be disrupted and laid bare in such a process of listening; noises and discomforts inevitably will be noticed, and all kinds of experiences will be stirred and uncovered. Listening in fact implies a preparedness to meet the unpredictable and unplanned, to welcome the unwelcome. How do we reach such a state of listening, why would we want to?”
Hildegard Westerkamp